Diabetes Distress & Burnout Group Coaching

Are you feeling frustrated, angry, fatigued or overwhelmed with diabetes management?

Are fed up with feeling like you’re not good enough or can’t do anything right?

Are you a caregiver who is struggling with the weight of caring for your child’s diabetes?

Are you starting to push back from your diabetes management because you're not sure you can handle another minute?

You, my friend, are probably burned out.

My new group coaching program for diabetes distress and burnout tackles both the mental health and physical health impact that diabetes management can have on our day-to-day life. This is a six week group coaching program that invites participants to reflect on how they are doing mentally and emotionally with their diabetes management, as that has a direct impact on how you’ll feel physically.

Participants can be an adult with type 1 diabetes or a caregiver of a child with T1D.

- 6 weekly group calls with topics including:

  • creating a mantra,

  • developing healthy self-talk,

  • improving goal setting skills,

  • building your team,

  • learning sustainable diabetes management &

  • incorporating self-care

- Weekly handouts and worksheets 
- Copy of the Rewriting Your Diabetes Story workbook
- Exclusive Facebook group with daily questions, prompts, food-for-thought, articles, and interaction with your fellow T1Ds. 
- Lifetime access to the private Greater Than Coaching Club Facebook group for ongoing support and accountability 
- PLUS a 1:1 45-minute phone session with me 

We are currently in the middle of a group coaching program and will be opening the next round of registration soon! Join my newsletter to find out when registration opens!