Do you want to feel more confident in your diabetes management?

Do you want to feel more empowered and energized in your life with diabetes?

Do you want to see all your hard work and effort finally pay off?

If you are…

  • tuning out of your diabetes management

  • fatigued, frustrated, overwhelmed and stressed out

  • Confused about why things never seem to work out

  • feeling alone in taking care of yourself

  • wondering if diabetes is just one big mystery

then you are the ideal client for diabetes coaching!

Greater Than Counseling & Coaching offers three types of diabetes coaching depending on your needs.

The Blood Sugar Whisperer Coaching Intensive

Do you want to feel more confident in your diabetes decision making?

Do you want to finally understand why your blood sugars behave the way they do — and know what to do when it happens?

Do you want to take the mystery out of life with diabetes?

Do you want to feel more empowered and in control of your diabetes?

Do you want to finally see the results of all your hard work — whether that’s a lower A1C, healthier habits, or a more positive outlook on life with diabetes?

Then you need to become a Blood Sugar Whisperer! The Blood Sugar Whisperer Coaching Intensive is a holistic look at everything you need to know to manage your diabetes. The coaching intensive includes:

  • a solid foundation on how to interpret your blood sugar graphs (with or without a CGM) to you can get the answers to your most burning questions

  • an understanding the mechanics of different kinds of food, exercise, stress, hormones, etc. so diabetes doesn’t feel so random

  • the skills and strategies to navigate the normal and expected ups and downs of life with diabetes

  • tools for managing distress and burnout by focusing on mindset, goal-setting, healthy expectations, and self-care

How will we do that?

  • 3 months of weekly one hour sessions

  • Unlimited email support between sessions

  • A personal workbook of worksheets, handouts and logsheets

  • The ebook “Rewrite Your Diabetes Story”

  • Lifetime access to the Facebook group, Greater Than Coaching Club

Investment: $697 or 3 payments of $235

Distress & Burnout Coaching

Do you want to feel more focused on your diabetes self-management?

Do you want to have a more positive outlook on your life with diabetes?

Do you want to feel more motivated to take care of yourself?

Do you want to feel calm and relaxed when facing the challenges of diabetes?

Diabetes distress and burnout is one of the most common effects of diabetes and yet our healthcare providers spend very little time focused on our emotional health. The distress and burnout coaching program includes:

  • An understanding of the differences between and the sources of distress and burnout

  • The skills and strategies to prevent and recover from burnout, including:

    • developing a mantra

    • healthy goal-setting

    • positive self-talk

    • a self-care routine

  • Providing support for gaps in diabetes education to increase confidence and decrease external stressors exacerbated by frequent highs and lows

How will we do this?

  • 6 weekly one hour sessions

  • Handouts on key areas for improving your mindset, motivation, and accountability

  • Worksheets to personalize how to treat and manage distress and burnout

  • Unlimited email support in between sessions

Pricing begins at $497 or 2 payments of $275

Transitioning to Independent Management Coaching

Diabetes management is a family affair; it doesn’t just affect the person with the broken pancreas. But the transition to independent management can be complicated and parents are often at a loss with how to approach handing off more responsibility to their teenager, especially when their health is at stake. Family Coaching is a 4 week program that works with both parents and teens (ages 12+) to create a personalized game plan for transitioning more diabetes care to the teenager, address expectations for management and support, and provide psychoeducation on normal teen development and tips for improving communication between parents and teen.

This program will provide you a customized plan for transitioning more diabetes management tasks based on your teen’s development, clarity about your teen’s diabetes management skills and how to improve, and tools for addressing caregiver burnout and teen burnout.

This 4 week program includes:

  • One 90 minute intake session split between parents & the teenager

  • 3 weekly 1:1 1.5-hour sessions with parents

  • Worksheets to reflect and guide your thinking

  • Unlimited email support between sessions

  • Option to add on additional 1:1 sessions at discounted price; option to add on additional packages at discounted price

* This program is recommend for Parents with a T1D in Middle School or High School.

Pricing begins at $597

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