You are greater than your highs and your lows.

Our challenges, set backs and obstacles can feel insurmountable... but you are greater than anything that has happened to you. We know hard times are a normal part of life and yet many of us struggle with how to cope with what is happening or how we are feeling and aren't sure what to do or how to move forward. We feel stuck.

Let’s Get Unstuck

Are you looking for a supportive space to explore your thoughts and feelings, while also challenging old ways of thinking so that you can make room for change? Are you looking for a space where you can really dig into the work of self-exploration and want to see progress quickly? Are you looking to develop a healthier relationship with yourself and others? Are you a family looking for help coping with big life changes? Does your child need help navigating big emotions?

My specialties including working with individuals, couples, adolescents and families on:

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Meet Allison

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Allison Nimlos, MA, LAMFT, is a therapist and diabetic health coach specializing in chronic illness, anxiety, perfectionism and life transitions. Allison’s strong passion for chronic illness and its impact on individuals, couples and families stems from her more than 25 years living with an autoimmune disease. Allison provides counseling services in her Roseville, MN office, just northeast of downtown Minneapolis and conveniently located near 35W. She provides diabetic health coaching services worldwide. Contact her to learn more about her therapy and other services.

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