Depression & Life Transitions

I provide counseling for individuals, couples, and families that are struggling with depression and life transitions, such as a job loss, divorce or break-up, moving, a new baby, or any other kind of change in life or lifestyle.

Life transitions can be exciting but they can also give us moments of stress or sadness as we say good-bye to an old life. The transitions can sometimes come out of a blue and stem from something we didn’t choose (such as a spouse leaving us or a job loss). While our friends and family may encourage us to “look on the bright side,” it can be difficult to find a bright side of loss.

If this sounds like you, please schedule a free consultation call so you can see if I’m the right fit for you. Depression and sadness around a life transition, or for any other reason, does not need to keep you trapped. You can find a new way to breathe.